Guinness Beef Stew

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My husband who is a professional chef once cooked at an Irish pub this was his recipe for Guinness Beef stew. This photo is mine and taken with my camera, however, it was set up by a photographer for the Providence JournalIt was very good  Felt like it needed jus a lil sumthin more but it was fine the way it came out. I think mushrooms w/b really good in it, too. We could taste the thyme, meat wasn’t melt in ur mouth tender but tender enuff (prolly the cut I used) & the carrots were the perfect texture. I used almost all of the flour/water that was called for (made the consistency to my hubbies preference for stew) & eyeballed the honey (didn’t need the full 1/4 c bc of the broth I had to add)., they were doing a story on my husband and I.
-Making this rite now. The 2nd 1/2 of the simmering has started & I’m boiling the taters to mash. I 4got the beer while I was at the liquor store (Lee’s, they have a much bigger, better variety & less expensive then the grocery store) so I had to get a 6 pk of the Guinness Extra Stout while I was there getting the other things I needed. We don’t like to drink dark beer but luckily hubby likes Irish Car Bombs lol I’m glad I read reviews   I did accidentally leave the heat on too high & cooked the beer down too quickly, so I had to add a can of beef broth.
-I made this for supper the other night and really enjoyed it! Based on other reviews, I did toss the beef in a little flour before browning adding a little fresh ground pepper on top. I also used a small bag of “baby” carrots and used 2 whole bottles of an Irish stout beer. If you don’t like the taste of beer, you shouldn’t even try this because that is what gives this dish an authentic taste. I also used only about 1/4 cup flour for thickening and cut back on the honey, as I didn’t want it sweet, just to balance out the bitterness of the beer. I will definitely be making this again; was thoroughly enjoyed!

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