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This is such a beautiful and unique cake! I saw a Bienenstich for the first time at a baby shower for a close friend. After having a piece, I became captivated by how the taste, smell, and visual presentation created a masterpiece – I knew I had to make one. Being me, I found the lovely woman who made the cake and begged her for her recipe.

About a week later, we planned a potluck brunch at our home for a group of friends. I decided to make this cake as it would be perfect for the occasion (not that you need a reason to bake a cake!) I learned that it does take a bit of time, but it is not difficult, and your family will congregate to the kitchen like bees when they catch a whiff of the cake baking!

It was a solid hit and I passed along the recipe to our guests. Don’t be intimidated by the appearance of difficulty and complexity in the recipe – it really is not and every step is worth it.


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