Yummy Taco Meatloaf

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Out of all the taco meatloaf recipes I have tried, this one is hands down the best! My picky kids love it!
-This sounds really good. I have been making this for years. I serve with re-fry beans on the side and taco salad. I also split my meatloaf in half down the middle. Put shredded cheddar in the middle then seal well around the edges. Spread a small layer of salsa over top and bake. Then add a little shredded on top when I take it out. It of course melts. It’s really good this way too. I have also added the cheese and re-fry beans in the middle. Just a little. I made a small well from end to end. Figured I would share with you. You may want to try it this way too. Will try like yours though. Never put tomatoes on top like you said. Love tomatoes so will enjoy that way too.
-I am so excited for this recipe, makes my mouth water. But I am confused by the ingredients vs the instructions. It says to mix everything but the meat, so do we need cheese for inside and on top? Or is the cheese ingredient only for on top. ..and all the optional ingredients ,except the tomato which is melted on top, would be served on the side? seems like even if I mess it up this will still be delicious! Yummy, can’t wait to make.

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