Ooey Gooey Olive Garden 5-Cheese Baked Ziti

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Nothing beats the convenience of baked ziti for dinner on busy weekday evenings. Baked ziti is simple to make and can be made ahead. You can freeze them for days, and the leftovers often taste better than when you first ate the dish. Most of all, kids love them.

If you’re fond of baked ziti and other casserole pasta recipes, then you need to add this five-cheese baked ziti in your repertoire. It’s a copycat recipe for baked ziti served at Olive Garden. It’s easy, it’s cheesy, and it’s delicious.

Your kids won’t be able to say no to this five-cheese baked ziti. It’s loaded with cheese, so gooey and so good. It’s made with shredded mozzarella, shredded fontina cheese, grated parmesan, grated romano cheese, and ricotta cheese. The cheesy creaminess doesn’t stop there, though. The recipe uses a creamy Alfredo sauce too. Even adults would find it hard to resist this dish. The recipe is from Olive Garden at Home.

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