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These Ham Swiss Parmesan Crescents are so delectable and so super simple.  They can be made in a pinch for last minute guests or while you are trying to supervise little ones.  Sweet ham & Swiss have always been a heavenly match but add perfectly seasoned crescent rolls with shredded Parmesan and we are in a whole new bracket.  

I used Sara Lee Honey Ham which is available at my deli.  Love me some honey ham.  I just used the shaker end to sprinkle on the seasonings.  So much easier than trying to tell you to measure it out and sprinkle it on.  You can see from these lovely mouth watering photos how much I sprinkled on.  Plus most people have a sense of how much seasoning they like.  

So prep time on these little sweet Ham Swiss Parmesan Crescents is about five minutes maybe seven if it has already been a long day.  Cook time is  minutes and lunch or snack is served.  You could serve them with some spicy brown mustard or just eat them up straight off the cookie sheet!!  I won’t tell!

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