Easy Wake-Up Casserole

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We loved it! After reading reviews I added a tablespoon of biscuit mix so it would firm up better. I learned this trick from a quiche recipe and it works great. Will make again maybe adding onions and other veggies. Would make for any meal not just breakfast. Thanks for this great recipe!

I’ve made this exact recipe for years. It’s always perfect and delicious. The original recipe was designed as a make ahead.

That may explain why people had trouble with it not being firm enough. If you make the night before and refrigerate then bake in the morning, covered with foil, for and hour, remove foil and bake another 15-20min, it will be perfect

We really enjoyed this, though I did make some significant “tweaks”. I halved the recipe for an 8X8 pan, though I found I did still need to use the full amount of eggs/milk to cover the rest of the ingredients. I added diced green pepper and onion, so they may have accounted for the need for more egg mixture.

I kept the spices the same as the full recipe and added about 1/8tsp white pepper. While we did enjoy this, I think i’d prefer everything mixed together, using hash browned potatoes in place of the frozen prepared patties. Regardless, a great jumping off point to customize to YOUR preference. THANKS for the recipe!

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