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This is an heirloom recipe made by many members of my family. It can be made ahead of the holidays and the balls frozen. One less job at the end. We always formed the stuffing into balls so they were easy to serve individually, easy to grab a cold stuffing ball as leftovers. My Grandma made extra to freeze and use for stuffed chicken breasts later. Grandma always said to try and get a little bit (a speck) of poultry seasoning on each piece of bread. If you like to stuff a bird with it, just place the stuffing balls in the cavity loosely.

Stuffing makes for a glorious Christmas side dish, this recipe can be made in advance to reduce stress on the big day. This is my must-have recipe for Thanksgiving, passed down to me by my grandmother. These delicious stuffing balls are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. She always used white bread for this recipe, but I like to use a nutty whole wheat bread for a little extra flavor.

My husband’s Mom discovered a version of this dish in a local recipe pamphlet in Norfolk, Virginia in the 80s. She made it, adapted it, and over the years it became a holiday staple. The stuffing balls come out of the oven crisp and delicious, but Frank swears that, like all the best holiday food, they are even better the next day.

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