Reinforce Your Love For Raisins With This Rum-Flavored Rice Pudding

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As a young girl, I can remember my grandma making rice pudding to eat in the morning for breakfast. She would typically do this on a Sunday before church. Sometimes, grandma would make rice pudding when she made a big dinner. Everyone always loved it. Leftover rice pudding was my favorite. You would add a little milk to your bowl and warm the pudding up in the microwave. Absolutely delicious! And you know what? Rice pudding is incredibly easy to make, too!

There are many variations in the way rice pudding can be made, but this recipe seems to be my favorite. it’s warm, creamy, and very dreamy! I just find something extremely comforting about rice pudding. I enjoy its overall texture, the tastes, and how filling it is. I think rice pudding makes a wonderful breakfast options because it’s a heavy dessert and sits in your tummy keeping you full until lunchtime. Kids love the stuff, too!

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