Land Your Man Baked Beans

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1986 was the first time I made this dish. I was a newly-wed and I was very eager to impress my in-laws! My father-in-law sat there and critiqued the dish, breaking down every ingredient…I was sweating bullets!! And then he walked up to me and told me “these are the best baked beans I have ever eaten!!” Since then I have been crowned the “Baked Bean Queen!” I even have people request them as a Christmas present, and every family function, I don’t even ask anymore…I just bake & take!! ENJOY!!
-loved these beans made a small change by adding a can of drained butter beans and a can of drained black beans and everyone raved about them. Did not have any to bring back from a reunion. Thank you so much now how do I find your ribs mentioned in the comments.
-kay, we have a luncheon every month for former co-workers, all of whom have retired. And I use this monthly luncheon as a vehicle to try out new recipes. Yesterday we had this recipe. I did one thing differently; which was to cut the bacon into matchsticks, fry it up, sauté the onion in the bacon fat, and mix the whole shebang all together. All other instructions and ingredients were followed to the letter. I just had to let you know that not only did I ‘Land a Man’, I landed THREE men!! Yea, they’re old men (lol) but men nonetheless. Great recipe Jenny … they all told me to keep this one!

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