Isn’t This The Tastiest Southern Meal EVER?

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My father was very old-school when it came to food. He didn’t think much of all the modern dishes, let alone exotic flavors from different cultures.
Instead, he was a big fan of everything you could describe old-fashioned, comforting, Southern and familiar. And I completely understand why. It’s these dishes that brought up so many of us – they’re filled with flavors of home and love, they’re easy to make and will not break the bank if you happen to be saving your money for something special.

This fried cabbage meal was once of my Dad’s all-time favorites. I swear, he could have eaten this seven days a week and still crave for it the next day! This is what my mother always made when he had had a rough day at work, and it always made him smile.
I’m so glad my children have grown to love this dish, too. It is one of our dinner rotation staples, and I’d like to keep it that way! Will this fried cabbage meal be in your dinner rotation, too?

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