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Grapes are a fruit that can be used in a thousand and one ways. In a refreshing and natural juice. It can also be combined with more refined dishes such as foie gras.
Obviously, grapes are the main ingredient in wine which adorns many tables. It is also delicious on its own, as a simple refreshing dessert for the summer.

* Ingredients :

☞ 4 lbs  green seedless grapes
☞ 4 lbs  red seedless grapes
☞ 2 cups pecans
☞ 1 L strawberries
☞ (16 oz.) sour cream
☞ (16 oz.) cream cheese
☞ 1 cup sugar
☞ Vanilla

* Preparation :

1- Combine  cream cheese & sugar together, then, add sour cream / vanilla .

2 –  Fold in all other ingredients making sure to coat equally. .
Serve with  fruit and pecans for decorate !!

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