Frito Pie: A Crunchy, Tex-Mex Delight

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Frito Pie is a beloved Tex-Mex dish that combines simple ingredients into a flavorful, hearty meal with a satisfying crunch. This no-fuss recipe is perfect for those who love the combination of savory ground beef, spicy tomatoes, hearty beans, and crispy Fritos, all smothered in melted cheese. It’s an easy-to-make dish that’s ideal for weeknight dinners, game day gatherings, or any time you crave a comfort food classic.

The Story

Frito Pie has roots deeply embedded in American Southwest cuisine, particularly in Texas, where it’s a staple at football games, rodeos, and family gatherings. The dish is believed to have been invented in the 1930s by the mother of the Fritos founder, making it a true original that celebrates American ingenuity and the love of simple, good food.

Why You Should Make Frito Pie

This dish is a crowd-pleaser, thanks to its layers of flavors and textures. It’s incredibly versatile, allowing for various additions or substitutions to suit your taste. Plus, Frito Pie requires minimal preparation and cooking time, making it an excellent choice for a quick, satisfying meal.

How to Serve

Frito Pie can be served directly in a casserole dish or, for a more authentic experience, in individual Fritos bags for a fun, portable option. Garnish with sour cream, diced avocados, jalapeños, or fresh cilantro to add freshness and extra flavor.

How to Store

Leftovers should be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator and consumed within 3 days. For the best experience, keep the Fritos separate until ready to serve to maintain their crunch.


  • For an extra kick, consider adding a diced jalapeño or a dash of hot sauce to the beef mixture.
  • Cooking the ground beef with onions and taco seasoning until well-browned will add depth to the dish’s flavor.
  • To keep the Fritos crisp, add them just before baking and again when serving.

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