Deviled Egg Pasta Salad

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The creamy whipped egg filling creates the sauce that coats every bite of the pasta salad with this incredibly simple egg devilish. Toss the pasta and eggs with the sauce before sprinkling it with onions, for a little spicy crunch in each bite.

This is the newest salad in line for the summer. You can pretty much bet on the fact that there will be a pasta salad in my fridge almost any day once the weather heats up.

Pasta salads are the ultimate takeaway, and I’ll probably eat some pasta salad a few days a week for lunch.

Does your family love devil eggs the way my family does? I’m not even kidding, it doesn’t matter how many devil eggs I make, they eat them all.

Devil Egg Dip was inspired by my companions’ love for Simple Devil Eggs. They like it with biscuits, veggies, or chips. One of my kids loves it with pork rinds. (I don’t necessarily recommend this blend myself.)

This is why when I imagined an egg noodle salad, I knew the family would love it. And they certainly did.

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