After Baking These 3 Ingredient Cookies, I’ll Never Make My Grandmother’s Recipe Again

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People are so much more educated these days about how to eat healthily, and many have made significant changes to the food they eat as a result of that knowledge. These food changes are made to both foster a healthy body and to lose weight.
One thing that is always difficult for a diet or a diet change is curbing the need for sweets, like cookies.
Everyone making a food lifestyle change considers all of the things that they will have to eliminate from their diet, like desserts. Sweet treats are a hard group to find healthy variations on because they usually call for a significant amount of sugar, and that is a no-no when it comes to weight loss. Usually, sweets or off-diet foods are reserved for so-called “cheat days” when we can eat all of the bad foods that we really love.
Fear not! There are recipes out there that are delicious alternatives to the sweet treats we love and they won’t mess up a diet or cause that cheat day to go further than it should. This cookie recipe is sweet without adding any sugar to the recipe, and it can be done with only three ingredients.
This simple recipe calls for an overripe banana, 1 cup rolled oats, and 1/4 cup of raisins, craisins, or walnuts. This last ingredient can be customized to suit your own particular cravings.

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