Wake Up And Smell The Coffee In This Pot Roast!

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Everyone that knows me knows that I am a huge morning person. I love being up in the morning. I find it to be a very peaceful time of day. I enjoy getting my coffee ready, doing some things around the house, turning on the news, and just getting ready for the day. I like it too because most people are not early morning people and I get to spend the morning by myself.
I’m also very talkative in the morning! Yep, I’m one of those people! Usually despised by the masses for being overly cheery! Well, I usually try to make up for it by making a wonderful breakfast. Most people are pretty agreeable then! But I will say this about my mornings, this is my dinner plan thinking time. I usually sit and think of what meal I will be making that night.
One day I was thinking about dinner plans for that day. I knew that I wanted to make a pot roast, but I wanted to change it up. But how would I do that? All of a sudden a smell hit my nose. It was coffee brewing! I had heard of coffee rubs before, but I had never actually used one. I found this recipe and it is amazing! You wouldn’t believe how the coffee flavor makes the pot roast taste really delicious and unique!
Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Fire And Flavor.

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