Tried and True Skinny Poolside Dip

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He uses a lot of vegetables and low-fat ingredients, so I didn’t feel guilty about nibbling him. I’ll definitely do it in the summer when I’m by the pool!

I love indulging in healthy dips and this one is loaded with vegetables! I think you’re going to love the crunch and the flavor!

There I was, browsing Pinterest, when I came across a photo of this skinny poolside dip.

Now, you guys, I love dip. I’m generally powerless to resist it. But, when I hear things like “skinny” in a recipe title, I’m usually not that excited. I’m sorry, but fat and calories are delicious. Still, there was something about the dip that just made me curious.

I clicked the photo and was led to Home Trends Utah, where the recipe for the dip was shared. And I could not get that dip out of my head. I’d already been to the grocery store twice that day. There was no way I could go back for the dip ingredients. It’d be wrong.

I’d be an embarassment to my family. The cashiers already look at me funny and I could just imagine what they’d say if I went back again.

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