Toll House Famous Fudge

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When you think of sweet treats Fudge is the top choice in our home. It doesn’t matter the kind of fudge I make and the kids will devour it like it’s the last food item on Earth. Most of the time, I test the latest recipe about every month. If it’s a winner it’s kept in my collection of dessert recipes.

This past week, I created this amazing-looking fudge wreath recipe. I think it was originally a Christmas recipe but why should we care? It’s still super delicious! If you’re thinking that an fudge wreath decorated with ornaments may be a little too Christmas-y for this time of year, you can make this recipe, and cool the fudge on a basic baking tray instead. Use those small candy tins. They would be a great way to present the fudge!

I would have liked to keep this wreath around as an ornament for a more time, however it went away in an hour… Perhaps I’ll make two next time, to ensure that at the very least one could last for the following day. Yeah, right!

To make this recipe, you’ll require these ingredients

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