Take A Break And Have A Slice Of German Chocolate Cake Brownies!

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When people ask me if I prefer cake or pie, I have to tell them that I prefer neither. I am a brownie type of girl! I love all desserts. I will be the first person to tell you that much, but I really have a love for ooey gooey chocolatey brownies. They are always so rich and moist. They are the perfect dessert if you ask for my opinion. If you think there is only one way to make brownies, you are misinformed!
I love to make all types of brownies. Double chocolate chip fudge brownies? Um, yes please. Well, I have recently started to get creative with the brownies that I make. I have been transforming my favorite desserts into brownies. I love a little bit of a crossover so this has been a lot of fun for me. Not to mention that my family loves being the official taste tester!
My latest creation is changing German chocolate cake into German chocolate cake brownies! Now this is a real treat. These brownies turned out beyond awesome. I was so happy to see my kids happy little faces when they took a bite of these. They absolutely loved them and insisted that I make them for our summer block party that we had a couple of days ago. The brownies were a smashing hit there too.

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