Surf and turf burritos

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Fun Facts About Burritos:

Burritos have been a staple of Mexican food and the American diet for many years. What is not to love about a plethora of your favorite flavors mixed and packed together by a perfectly rolled tortilla? In our last blog, we talked about 8 signs that you may be obsessed with burritos. To find out how obsessed you are with burritos, read this blog post. One sign that we would add to the list is that you know all there is to know about burritos: their history, the various types of burritos, and even when they have disrupted a film set. Feeling a little shaky about your burrito knowledge? Keep reading and learn a little more about the beloved burrito.

They’re named after donkeys.

That’s right! Burrito is actually the Spanish word for “little donkey.” Why? Because burritos look roughly like little donkeys. If you look at your burrito carefully, the ends look like the ears of a donkey. Burritos could also be named for the little bed rolls that were often packed on donkeys. Whatever you think your burrito looks like, this is the origin of the name.

“Burrito” was first seen in 1895.

The word burrito first appeared in print in 1895. However, the actual date of origin of our beloved burritos isn’t quite as clear. It is speculated that burritos were created for the convenience needs of farm and field workers who usually left their home and stayed on the farm or in the field all day. Like we mentioned before, burritos essentially are convenient little packages of heaven that can be easily eaten on the go.

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