Strawberry Pudding Cake

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Springtime means spring cleaning; ’tis the time to dust off those winter doldrums and begin to embrace the warmer temperatures (almost) and the longer days. Along with some spring cleaning, we’re also starting to dive into some spring baking, and that means fresh fruit. While it isn’t quite time for a summer market, our local grocery does carry some delicious strawberries, and what could be a better way to reward ourselves after a day of spring cleaning than with a delicious strawberry pudding cake.

We like to pull this recipe out of our files for a cake emergency; this whips up so quickly and with only a few ingredients. And there’s a little magic trick with this recipe that is an absolute must: boiling water. Often this is suggested in chocolate cake recipes; adding hot or boiling water will help add moisture to the batter. In this recipe, the boiling water helps to create a “pudding” effect on the cake, with a slightly crunchy top and a soft, gooey underlayer. Underneath are warm softened strawberries, almost jammy and oh-so-sweet. With very little preparation and some pretty basic ingredients, we can have a sweet treat on our countertop in under an hour.

hile this is amazing on its own, there’s no law against topping it with whipped cream or even a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Baking the strawberries helps to release the natural sugary juices and creates a nice syrup, but be sure to let the dish cool slightly before serving. We love how low maintenance this cake is, so it’s easy to surprise the family with on a weeknight. The next time you’re at the grocery store, grab a carton of strawberries and, along with a few pantry staples, whip up one super sweet and delicious dessert!

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