Spicy Thai Cucumbers

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Thai Cucumber Salad – An easy and healthy homemade Thai cucumber salad recipe that’s better than your favorite Thai restaurants, guaranteed!

Cucumber salad is a basic side dish that goes well with any dinner you prepare. The choice is versatile, and it changes depending on the sauce you decide to use.

This delicious recipe uses Thai ingredients as a sauce, making it a Thai cucumber salad.

Thai food is very delicious, it is sweet, salty and spicy. When you make cucumbers into a salad, it goes well with all types of Thai food!

I love this salad and can’t get enough of it when I dine out in Thai restaurants.

The good thing about this recipe is that I don’t have to cook. It’s easy to prepare because I just have to soak the cucumbers and make a salad dressing. Gather both of them together and you’ll be ready to serve!

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