Spicy garlicky honey lemon pepper wings

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These aren’t just any hot wings. These hot wings are coated in a flavorful rub then smothered in a perfect marriage of honey, molasses and honey hot wings sauce AKA the best Buffalo wings ever! If you’re looking or traditional Hot wings, I’ve also included that recipe too with the same life changing rub! These hot wings will fly off the plate – almost literally.

Usually I am a pretty decisive person. Whenever I was going on a date in college, my roommate would tease me “you’ll know tonight”- meaning I wouldn’t waste his or my time with a second date if I didn’t think it was going anywhere. I had a lot of first and last dates.

When it comes to food, I am also usually pretty decisive. But when it comes to which variation of hot sauce concoction to smother your hot wings with (traditional hot sauce, honey hot sauce, or a combo of the two) I am really indecisive.

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