Smothered Chicken

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Nutritional value of chicken

165 kcalEnergy
31.02 gProtein
3.57 gFat
0 gCarbohydrates
15 mgCalcium
1.04 mgIron
74 mgSodium
0 mgVitamin C, Ultimate Ascorbic
21 IUVitamin A
85 mgCholesterol

The benefits of Chicken

Including chicken in the diet brings many benefits to the health of the body, beginning with chicken helping to lose weight, and this is because it contains a large percentage of protein and does not contain carbohydrates, so it is a low-calorie option, in addition to that eating chicken meat increases the feeling satiety and thus reduces the amount of food consumed with the meal that contains chicken.

And because chicken contains protein in large quantities, it helps build muscles, as the protein in chicken contains all the amino acids that the body needs to grow and strengthen muscles. In addition, protein intake is important for bone health, as protein is involved in the metabolism of calcium and helps with its absorption.

  • The protein in chicken meat protects against arthritis and also protects against osteoporosis.
  • Protects teeth as well as bones thanks to the phosphorus that is included in its composition.
  • One of the benefits of chicken is to enhance the protection of the nervous system, kidneys and liver.
  • The tryptophan in chicken meat makes you feel relaxed and keeps you away from depression
  • Chicken is good for both the thyroid gland and blood vessels.
  • Chicken meat includes some components such as vitamin A, which maintains eye health.
  • It prevents cancer due to the presence of niacin in it, but acknowledging this benefit requires research and studies to confirm this.
  • Possesses the ability to control high pressure.
  • Keeps skin disorders away.
  • Prevents anemia.

Disadvantages of eating chicken

Chicken is not considered harmful in general, but with the innovation of many ways to manufacture and eat chicken, some types of chicken may have a set of damages due to the way they are prepared. For example, fried chicken of all kinds, whether cut or covered with rusk or flour, is not considered a healthy option; In these ways, it becomes rich in fats and carbohydrates, and thus becomes a high-calorie food.

Processed or processed chicken may also contain quantities of processed and preservatives such as nitrates, and a large amount of sodium, and this would have undesirable effects on health and may increase the possibility of many diseases associated with excessive sodium consumption, such as high blood pressure and heart disease, in addition to to diabetes and some types of cancer.

Helpful tips when eating chicken

1- When you want to eat chicken, you should pay attention to the way it is prepared, and it is preferable to eat grilled chicken, which is a quick and delicious way to eat it, and some pieces of mixed vegetables can be added with the chicken. Before eating grilled chicken, care must be taken to season it at home, because the marinated chicken available in the market is rich in sodium and salts.

2- When you want to fry the chicken, it is recommended to add a little oil with some types of vegetables to obtain fiber and protein, so that the meal has a higher nutritional value.

3- Take care to eat other sources of protein and not be satisfied with chicken alone as a source of protein. In order to obtain the largest amount of elements, nutrients and vitamins that the body needs, it is possible to eat eggs, fish and grains to obtain protein.

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