smoked Turkey Greens

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I have yet to meet a southerner who doesn’t love a bowl of good, well-seasoned collard greens! I’m talking about greens so good that you will gulp down the leftover juices from the pot! True food for the soul.

Southern-style collard greens are a must-have at our holiday table…it just doesn’t quite feel the same without them.

If you are looking for an easy, flavorful and downright addictive southern soul food collard greens recipe then HERE SHE IS!!!

Growing up, my grandmother use to prepare collard greens almost every Sunday and for a while, it was the only vegetable I’d ever eat. I can remember eating bowl after bowl of these things until I felt sick.

I still love collard greens to death but I’m really picky as to how they should be fixed (as most southern folks are : )  I hope that you will enjoy this recipe and go ahead and have two bowls…collards have more calcium than milk!

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