Roasted Garlic Bread

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Take your homemade garlic bread to the next level by using roasted garlic! Using minimal ingredients this truly is the ultimate side dish to any meal! – Hungry now? Jump to Recipe
I know, just when you thought garlic bread couldn’t get any more glorious, we go ahead and take things to a whoooooole new level. Yep, strap yourselves in folks, this one’s a good’n
Roasted Garlic Bread fresh out the oven
I’ve been obsessed with roasting garlic for a while now and honestly by this point I’m just looking for different ways to use it other than spreading it over my face. Shameless.
When you roast garlic low and slow in the oven it turns sweet and sticky. It completely takes the pungency out of the garlic and actually changes the flavour quite considerably.
Roasted garlic bread is just as flavoursome as classic garlic bread, but without being too ‘up in your face garlicy’, if you get my flow…
Any who, let’s see just how easy garlic is to roast shall we?

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