Ritz Crackers Recipe

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Each column on this cutting board resulted from a slightly different recipe for homemade Ritz crackers (and the board doesn’t show all of my trials). Some homemade Ritz cracker attempts used only butter, some used only vegetable oil, and some used a combination. Some were brushed with melted butter before baking, some after baking, and some partially through baking. Some homemade Ritz crackers had salt sprinkled on top and some had salt mixed into the butter (some used kosher salt and some used regular table salt). There were varieties with more baking powder and some with less. You get the idea.

I came pretty close to getting the Ritz cracker right. The real Ritz cracker is slightly more fluffy, but the taste of mine is spot on (though most tasters thought that it was slightly better). Now you can enjoy Ritz crackers without high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils. I say “you” because I don’t want to see another Ritz cracker ever again – too much taste testing!!

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