Party Cheese Bread

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I found this recipe on line and fixed for Super Bowl Sunday, everyone loved it.
-Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this recipe! I made it last year for our family’s Christmas Day brunch and it was awesome! So good that I am making it again this year 🙂
-Have made this about three times now…first time as written….second time, modified a bit…third time…did it my way, it’s great however its done, but if you want a little less “drop dead” feeling, try using grated cheeses, some that are less “oily” and instead of the butter and seasonings, I tried some favorite herbs and spices…it was great…also wonderful with a good homemade soup.
-Made this for my Christmas lunch progression today & it was great. I think next time, I would cut down the butter sauce by 1/2 because I didn’t like the top of the bread being “soft” but the bread did mop it up quite nicely. Thanks so much for the great recipe. I will be making this one again 🙂
-I love anything with cheese, ooey, gooey melting cheese, I’ve pinched you and saved you to my list of favorites, thanks so much for sharing your recipe….by the way, do you have relatives in Idaho? and Wyoming? My significant other comes from a large family; the Thompsons actually originated from Upton, Wyoming, they have family reunions in Wyoming quite often….We live in Northern Idaho …

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