Oatmeal Carmelitas

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This is an irresistible bar that joined our Christmas Cookie list a few years ago. Thanks to my mother introducing the family to this recipe, we adults have been busted for raiding the cookie refrigerator late at night while visiting over the holidays! They are thick, crumbly soft texture, and the caramel and oatmeal make a perfect pair! I like them best, right out of the fridge!
– appreciate it hon! i even add cashews to the caramel and chocolate version. my bar cookie cookbook has me drizzling caramel sauce across top or chocolate. the raspberry one i would do white chocolate!
-That sounds absolutely fab Judi! How much honey did you substitute? where can i find creamed honey? never heard of it…gonna have to try these this way, sounds way to good!!
-OMG Judi!! Those sound divine!! Thanks for sharing that. I will def try that next time I make these. Glad you like them Cindy- I have to make an extra 13×9 aside from Christmas cookies, just to hide for myself and girlfriends when they visit 🙂 I keep them in the freezer and take them out five minutes before (okay, I chow them straight from the freezer too!)
-Ok so here is what I did.I made the the base and topping with honey instead of brown sugar. Instead of the caramel I used raspberry creamed honey and instead of the chocolate chips I used white chocolate chips. Then I topped with coconut the last 2 min of baking. Everyone raved and asked for the recipe. Hope you don’t mind the changes. Thanks for the ideas.

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