No, That Ingredient Amount Is Not a Typo. Just Trust Me, Try It and I’m Sure You’ll Agree!

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You won’t believe what’s in this!

Not one, not five, not even ten, but TWENTY cloves of garlic.  You read it right.  And if you’re like me, you probably laughed and thought “That can’t possibly be good” and wrote the recipe off.  But then something funny happened.  Several months after I first heard of this recipe, I was at a friend’s wedding reception and rather than serve their guests individually, they had opted for two long tables absolutely covered with beautiful catered food for everyone to serve themselves.

As a food lover always looking for something new to try, I got a little bit of as many dishes as I could on my plate.  Everything was delicious, but there was a chicken dish so good that I decided to go back for seconds.  At the table, I asked one of the caterers who happened to be nearby at that moment what was in it.  She laughed and told me “It’s a recipe called 20 Garlic Clove Chicken.  Everyone is always surprised when I tell them that.”

Recipe is courtesy of Betty Crocker.

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