NO BAKE Reese’s Krispy Treat Cookies

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REESE’S COOKIES….the best no-bake cookies you will ever put in your mouth and they are SO EASY to make!
I remember having these as a kid and these were always such a hit with everyone! We will definitely be adding these to our Christmas cookie tray this year and they are so easy to make! Honestly we love just about anything using Reese’s, but this recipe is definitely the winner of all of them. This is a great way to use left over Halloween candy. You could also try other candy bars with this recipe…Butterfingers would be a good one to try!

Line your baking sheet with parchment or wax paper and set aside. In a large glass bowl, combine your corn syrup, sugar, and peanut butter. Cook on high heat for 2 minutes. Then cook for 30 seconds until your mixture is evenly combined.

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