Mounds Brownies

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If you’re looking for a rich and indulgent dessert that combines the flavors of chocolate and coconut, you have to try this Mounds Brownies recipe. With a fudgy and moist brownie base, topped with a layer of sweet coconut filling and then drizzled with melted chocolate, this dessert is an irresistible treat for any occasion.

To make the brownies, you’ll need the usual suspects: butter, sugar, cocoa powder, flour, and eggs. But what sets these brownies apart is the addition of shredded coconut, which adds a chewy texture and tropical flavor to the mix. For the coconut filling, you’ll need condensed milk, more shredded coconut, and a dash of vanilla extract. Once baked, the brownies are topped with a generous amount of melted chocolate, completing the Mounds candy bar experience.

This recipe is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth and a love for chocolate and coconut. Whether you’re making it for a potluck, a party, or just for yourself, these Mounds Brownies are sure to impress. So go ahead, indulge a little, and enjoy every decadent bite!

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