Mini trifle’s

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°Two round store bought sponge cakes

°Or make your own..

°2 cranberry jelly

° green jellies

°500 ml fresh cream

°1 liter of milk

°6 tablespoons of custard powder

°3-4 tablespoons of sugar. or to taste

°Pecans for decoration


You can decorate with strawberries if you like..

Make all the jello separately according to the instructions

Place 1 Greengage and 1 Raspberry in the freezer to set

Put the other two in the fridge to cool, but do not set them.

Prepare the custard by bringing the milk and sugar to a boil

Dissolve the custard powder in some milk and add it to the milk once it starts to boil. Reduce heat and beat with a whisk, adding the paste, and keep stirring until it thickens

Take it off the fire and let it cool down.

Whisk the cream with 3-4 tablespoons of castor sugar until thick.

brownie cracker and to number 1 add 1 Greengage Jelly which is cold but not set and mix well

Crumble another piece and add the unset raspberry jelly. Mix well.

You can add a few drops of green to green and a few drops of red to red..

cut nuts..

   Make a single layer of little trifle in small tubs by layering only

1 colored sponge

Add the same color jelly

Add custard

Pipe cream on top

Then decorate it with strawberries and pecan pieces

Sprinkle with melted chocolate


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