Long John Silvers Deep Fry Batter

How many times have you gone to a new restaurant and tried a dish that inspired you to recreate at home? There are tons of knock-off recipes out there and most of them taste very similar to the real thing. Enjoy a night out in the comfort of your own home with our Long John Silvers Deep Fry Batter.

What is the best option for meat/fish to achieve the best flavor?

The great thing about frying is people have found endless ways to crisp up an array of foods. There is no wrong option for this savory batter. The first option would be any type of fish filet you prefer. Make sure it is a thicker slice so the fish does not dry out during the frying process.  Runner up would be chicken breast, thighs, legs, or wings. If you are using breast just make sure to cut it in half if it’s a super large piece. The bigger the piece the longer it takes to cook and it may cook unevenly in the oil. Using chicken tenders is a great option to ensure perfect browning and that delicious taste we know and love. 

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Have you tried frying other types of food in this batter?

As we mentioned previously, the frying recipes have become endless. If you have ever been to a county or state fair then you have noticed rows of stands frying all your favorite desserts. Deep-fried Oreos, brownies, vegetables even butter and ice cream! The ginger ale is very subtle in this batter but adds the fix you need for extra crispy results. You can get creative and fry really anything with this batter. Just make sure to double-check frying times before you drop your fried goodies in so nothing burns or becomes dry. 

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