Loaded Potatoes Grill Style

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My husband loves to grill. He doesn’t wait for warm weather either. He has been known to grill in the rain and even snow. He grew up grilling potatoes with butter on the grill in foil and made it for me on one of our first dates. I knew how much he loved loaded baked potatoes so I added a few ingredients and now he makes this for me and our three kids!
-I didn’t even get a chance to try these. I made a double batch for the BBQ we held on Memorial Day, and they were gone before I got a chance to get any. So judging by speed-of-disappearance, these must be good!
-Kyle, I fixed this last night. My mom has Alzheimer’s. Fixing something she will eat is do hard, with me sometimes fixing 2-3 different “meals” for one meal as if she won’t eat, I often have to start over. She REALLY enjoyed this. I din’t fix her a big portion, of course, but she ate at least 2/3 of the portion I gave her. I used a small round potato, which I believe is called “Honey Gold”, and it worked so perfectly!! My bacon I had on hand was extremely lean. So I had a small piece of smoked jowl, I keep for cooking beans. I cut off a little piece and then sort of chopped it up, best I could, in small pieces and put it in. Then added the bacon. It just worked perfectly. Don’t know why I thought of using that, but glad I did! Thanks so much for sharing this oh-so-simple recipe, yet 0h-so good!!!/Karen
-We’ve used frozen hashbrown potatoes (both plain cubed-type and O’Brien with onions and peppers) for this recipe, too. The only thing I don’t really like about using them is that the potatoes seem to get more smushy. I prefer the red potatoes and how they hold their shape, yet are soft; but, it’s doable and good for camping (if you have a freezer to put them into).

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