Italian Easter Pie (Pizza Chena)

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Pizza Chena (made with Italian meats, cheeses, and eggs) is a staple on every Italian Easter dinner table. My mom or an aunt would make it every year. I never appreciated it as a child but I love it now. Everyone has their own recipe and everyone thinks theirs is the best. So I collected recipes from relatives and friends and took the best of all their recipes to come up with my own. Now mine is the best!!! LOL
-Going to try this recipe for the first time this Sunday and I cannot wait! I’m also going to be making stuffed artichokes, salad and Ricotta pie. Sorry to hear about the sad news but I will make sure to make this in her honor! I’m very thankful for this lady sharing her recipe so I can add it to my book so I can pass it on to my kids to use when they get older. New family tradition…Happy Easter! 
-as someone who has made this pie every Easter for the past 5 years I have to say…. don’t put the sauce in it….. leave it on the side. It’s a different taste than a traditional pizza so they may not even want the sauce after it’s offered! My family is also die hard pizza fans but this is by far the MOST FAVORITE meal of the entire year at our house. I would make it in the largest spring-form pan you have because it’s going to be a total hit and if you don’t make it big you may not end up with any. (I speak from experience) Serve it with a salad at lunch or dinner time and it’s a full meal. Start with small slices as it is VERY filling. Sadly I will tell you that Joanne passed away but she would be so glad to know that we are all still loving this amazing recipe! Have a very happy Easter and ENJOY!

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