I Could Eat Just This At Every Summer Potluck

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My youngest granddaughter was finally getting married last year. She was the last one of all my grandchildren to tie the knot. I always had a wish to see all of my grandchildren marry before I die, and she made that goal possible for me. I was over-the-moon with excitement for her. I think she really did find the love of her life, which not everyone can always do. They were going to be going all out for their special day too. He was successful, and he wasn’t cutting any corners.

He hosted a grand bridal shower for her, and allowed her to do it however she wanted. She’s a simple girl, and she wanted to have it set up where everyone could bring in their favorite foods, and leave the recipe card for her to take to her new home with her.

One of the dishes that was brought in was the hearty macaroni salad that looks like a recipe I saw on Julie’s Eats & Treats. The taste of it was so yummy, I found myself copying down the recipe card before leaving. I don’t think anyone minded.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Julie’s Eats & Treats.

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