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There are interesting facts about the Wendy’s Frosty that I stumbled across. One key thing is the distinctive consistency – the thickness and slightly icy texture comes from serving it between 19° F and 21° F. The thickness was intentional so a spoon was necessary, and a straw would not cut it – that might be where dunking the fries comes in.

A spoon or fries definitely help avoid brain-freeze! Another interesting fact is that the chocolate Frosty is actually a mixture of chocolate and vanilla which is why it is a light chocolate color and has a hint of malted flavor.

While I love chocolate milkshakes, there is something about a Frosty that sets it apart and makes for craving a Frosty specifically, something that happens. At those times, a regular chocolate milkshake just won’t satisfy the craving for me.

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Sunshine Sheet Cake

4 Ingredient dish