Haitian Beef Patties

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It’s rare for me to meet a dumpling or hand pie I’m not on good terms with. There’s something about a delicious filling inside a pocket that’s beloved by almost everyone. And, this recipe for Haitian beef patties (also known as pâté haïtien or Haitian patties) is a Caribbean legend. The flaky pastry is filled with a spiced beef mixture that is truly out of this world. These patties, which can be served for any meal or as an appetizer, are something to behold. After having tasted how good they are I had to share the recipe.

To start making this dish you’ll need to brown some ground beef along with some peppers and onions. I used jalapeño peppers but you could use part of a bell pepper for less heat or use chili peppers for more heat. A dash of ground cloves and some garlic gives the filling more flavor, as does a bit of beef bouillon. The brand I use is very dark so I added it after the beef was browned so that I could accurately gauge the doneness of the meat.

The thing that makes this dish stand out, though, is the fresh lemon juice. We often think of lemon and chicken as being a perfect pairing, but the citrus really brings the beef to a whole new level. If you don’t have lemon you could use some vinegar instead for a bit of balancing tartness.

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