Grilled Shrimp and Sausage with Peppers and Onions

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This is my hubbys favorite grilled dinner. Lots of butter and yumminess. Paula Dean would be so proud of us!! LOL This morning I took the leftovers and warmed them up in the microwave and added a fried egg for breakfast!! Very tasty!!
-This review is long overdue. I made it several times during grilling season. Each time I used potatoes and different color bell peppers. It’s such a pretty dish. Sometimes I sprinkled everything with Cajun seasoning and other times I used the salt, pepper, and garlic as written. Either way, delish. It’s very filling, too.
-My husband and I made this recipe tonight with the potatoes. First time to try it. I did the prep and he did most of the cooking on the grill. ( I did have to go out a few times and check it while he was watching TV) Had it with corn on the cob and a salad. We loved it!! May try the tip of using the leftovers with eggs for breakfast in the morning.
-I made this last night. YUM! It was too hot and sunny to cook on the BBQ so I stayed in my air-conditioned kitchen. I did not use any butter. I just sauteed everything (except the shrimp) in my super awesome non-stick large frying pan. I added the shrimp the last 5 minutes while I was setting the table and draining the angel hair pasta that we served it over. (Nope, I didn’t fry the cooked noddles in butter, so sorry Paula Deen.) My 18 year old daughter is a runner and is preparing to run a race in a few days. This was perfect for her and for the rest of us non-runners.

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