Grandma Sharon’s Fresh And Fabulous Cranberry Upside Down Cake

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This cranberry upside down cake is a must-have in our family whenever it’s the holidays. I am not sure why, but everyone is craving for it during everyone’s free time. For example, my husband who is always away because of work, always craves for something fruity and at the same time not so rich, every time he is just at home and relaxing. Sometimes, I make him a fruit pie, but he always says that fruit pies are a bit too sweet. This cranberry upside down cake is a favorite of his most especially when he is pairing this with tea or coffee.

My Grandma Perry, my mom’s aunt, used to make the best cranberry upside down cake. She used to make a lot of upside down cakes actually, with pineapple upside down cake as one of the main ones. But because cranberry is something unique, it’s what I have always remembered. I love anything “berry” so it had stood out to me.

Her cranberry upside down cake was moist and there was that hint of freshness from the cranberries that just tasted so good they didn’t overwhelm the dessert. I found a similar recipe to that of my grandmother’s and I am sure your family will love it. Enjoy!

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