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You could make a basic baked potato, sure. Or, you could take all of the things that make French Onion Soup great – sweet, savory, brothy caramelized onions, nutty Gruyere cheese – and tuck it into a baked potato and make it SO much more than basic. I think I’ll go with the latter, thank you very much. While these stuffed baked potatoes are maybe a bit much for every day, they’re so well worth the small amount of effort they take. A fluffy potato turns out to be a natural companion to rich and hearty French onion flavor, making for one seriously yummy mashup.

While your potatoes bake, you can use the time to start caramelizing your onions. Good caramelization does take some patience and time since you want to use a low temp to avoid scorching your onions instead of coaxing those sugars out slowly. Once the onions are soft and golden, you deglaze the pan with a bit of sherry or wine…

… and you’re ready to hollow out your potatoes. To really make sure these are meal-sized, you slice off the top third of the potato and remove all the flesh to a bowl.

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