Fish Fried The Southern Way

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Southern Fried Cat Fish – Classic Southern Fried Catfish dipped in buttermilk and breaded in spicy seasoned cornmeal and fried to perfection.

Fried cat fish conjures thoughts of finger-licking goodness and crispy crunch in every bite. When I bought these fish fillets at the market, my intention was to bake them with garlic and salt. But I couldn’t stop thinking about fried fish, buckets of fish with hush puppies dipped in tartar sauce…that did it for me – sometimes nothing can satisfy that desire but the real thing.

The baked version has been put on the back burner – for another day and time. So sorry healthy my healthy peeps.

Although not the healthiest choice, deep frying fish adds great flavor and wonderful crispiness to any fish. When it’s done right, it can’t be beat. This Southern Fried Cat Fish is one of my favorite ways of frying fish.

I remember living next to a local seafood restaurant and would try ordering everything, especially fried fish. Yep!  I ate my way through the menu- from fried fish to calamaris.

Sadly, those days are long gone. Now, I have to balance out my meals. I’m not a young chick anymore. But I have to indulge occasionally. It’s pretty hard for me to completely give up a meal I really enjoy.

This recipe is made with very minimal ingredients, the Cat fish fillets are dipped in buttermilk and coated with a seasoned cornmeal – with granulated garlic, onion powder, cracked pepper, cayenne pepper and salt.

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