Easy French Onion Soup

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Reviews About Easy French Onion Soup Recipe

Great recipe, but definitely needed a longer time to caramelize the onions. I used “Better Than Bouillon” beef stock, fresh thyme from my garden. Hubby loves it but plan a bit of extra time to caramelize the onions – the longer the better. Served with raw veggies and dip and sliced French bread, Really good on a rainy night.

It turned out awesome! I got tons of compliments. I did note that the soup tasted better the next day, and even better a day after that. So, you can make it ahead a day or two for sure. I used a bit of the “Better Than Bouillon” beef base which added a darker color and more flavor to the broth and even the onions. I noticed that because of the butter and the onion sweat combo, the onions didn’t caramelize as I wanted it to in my stock pot, but it was tasty nevertheless! I also suggest medium dry sherry vs. very dry.

Followed recipe except made some changes based on a French Onion Soup I had at a restaurant called Knife & Fork Onion Soup. Hollowed out a couple of big onions, slow cooked some short ribs that day, caramelized cut up onion. Roasted the hollowed out onions, put the short rib meat in the onions and poured the french onion soup over, covered onion with different cheeses and served with bread on the side. I love French Onion Soup, my husband loves meat…a compromise

If your looking for an onion soup recipe that you get at a restaurant this is it. I took some advise from other reviews and I must say that this was very yummy!! I followed the recipe but added a splash of worcestershire sauce and a bit of garlic. I think the soup needed a little bit more salt then called for. I bought a loaf of french bread and broke it into pieces then drizzled butter and sprinkled garlic powder and broiled it. Very easy!

Awesome recipe! The only change I made was to add about 2 t. of garlic towards the end of the cooking time for the onions. Oh, I also had to use ground thyme, since I didn’t have fresh, but I don’t think it made much of a difference. I let mine reduce down a bit after everything was in the pot, and that made it extra rich and yummy. I used provolone and swiss, since gruyere is so expensive. I also rubbed my baguette slices with garlic and put some butter on them before I plopped them into the soup : Awesome recipe, and I will definitely make it again!

I also had a problem carmelizing the onions, but I think I didn’t have the heat up high enough, but still it was the best french onion soup I’ve ever had. However I toasted the bread separately then cut a clove of garlic in half and rubbed them each, then slightly buttered them, put on the cheese melted them under the broiler and then topped the soup, my husband & I both loved it!

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