Easy Chicken Pad Thai

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I know I am probably not alone in ordering Chicken Pad Thai every single time I go to or order Thai food. It’s just too good to pass up. Like me, you also might have relegated it as a “restaurant food,” one you only ever order out and never make at home. But that’s silly. While there are some dishes that are pretty hard to recreate in your home kitchen, Pad Thai is not one of them. In fact, it’s really very easy to make at home — a thirty-minute meal that doesn’t have a mile-long list of ingredients. And while one or two of those ingredients are a little bit specialized, it’s true, I’ve got some tricks for you if you don’t happen to have them in your pantry.

More or less, Pad Thai is a stir fry, and as you probably know, stir fries are a go-to for a quick and delicious dinner. One nice thing about Pad Thai is that you can dress it up with whatever protein you’d like — leave it vegetarian and just rely on egg, go with some shrimp you happen to have in the freezer, tofu is a natural fit… but we’re going with chicken here since that happens to be my favorite kind of Pad Thai. That chicken is the thing you’ll cook first — just brown it up until it’s cooked through and remove it to a plate while you work on the rest of the components.

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