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This Chickpea Salad tops the list of easy salads to make with only 4 basic ingredients. It can be perfectly paired with just about any meal or enjoyed as a snack!

You may find this a bit odd, but this chickpea salad recipe was very closely inspired by one of our school lunch recipes.

Yes, I said school lunch. If you’re already turned off, you shouldn’t be.

We have come so far with school lunches that it is nothing like you experienced as a child.

And particularly in the past 4 years, nutritional standards have increased dramatically with the program. Food companies are finally catching up by making appealing, delicious food products for schools.

So what does that really mean?

As a dietitian, it’s thrilling that not only is there a large variety of fruits and vegetables offered daily (even at the elementary level), but also all grains are whole grains. They also have weekly sodium limits.

This is one photo I took from an elementary school in the district where I work which is also the district our children attend.

’m personally impressed by the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables offered to students daily.

Now getting them all to take and eat two vegetables and/or fruits is a different story.

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