Diabetic No-Bake Sugar Free Strawberry Cheesecake This is DELICIOUS

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– I used reduced fat cream cheese and chilled fat free evaporated milk. This makes a smaller sized cheesecake. I liked that this particular recipe had a very thin crust which is a dream for someone watching their carb count. My husband was the only one who didn’t care for this dessert–my kids and I thought it was pretty good. I’d make this again. I think this would make a pretty good “mousse” dessert if I were to omit the crust, chop the strawberries and fold into the “filling”, then pipe into dessert dishes.

– I have just made this for the second time for our diabetic friend. I used fat free white chocolate pudding instead of cheesecake pudding for a white chocolate cheesecake. His sugar levelss spike when he has fruit, so I made a topping of whipped cream (0 carbs) and folded in fat free milk chocolate pudding. I made it the first time for his birthday and he was beaming. A definite good one and easy to make.

– Quick, easy and tasty, what more could you ask for. I made this for a friend of ours that is diabetic. He loved it, we all loved it.

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