Cream Cheese Pickles

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These Ham and Pickle Roll Ups are the best appetizer ever. They only take three ingredients and a few minutes of your time. They are always a hit at every party and the perfect small bite appetizer. Grab your cream cheese, ham and pickles and whip these up today!

Pickle Roll Ups

These ham, cream cheese, and pickle roll ups are a staple at all our parties! They sound a bit odd don’t they? Well, it goes like this, “Don’t knock it until you try it!” They are delicious and so very easy. I’m pretty sure my husband and kids could whip them up. They only have three ingredients, as you can guess by the name, and take about 15 minutes to make. They can be made ahead of time so you can be ready for your parties!

Are you a fan of sweet and salty? I know I am and I’m pretty sure that’s exactly why these are my favorite appetizer ever. Apparently you can make these into a dip too if you are really not feeling the whole wrap and cut process. But you still have to chop things so I’m not sure it will be much faster!

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