Cranberry Lemon Crumble Cake

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This is another recipe I entered into an Ocean Spray cooking contest that I made up myself. This is good with the the lemon and cranberry flavors. Please look at my version of the directions as it has some hints in it and explains the layering of the cake a bit clearer. (See Carol’s Original Version of Recipe for corrections
-Thank you Dixie so glad you got back to me ~ It is different , didn’t win the Cranberry contest I was trying out for but sure got a lot of people here loving this mixture I came up with.
-Do you layer this cake as batter, cranberry mixture, nut topping then the rest of batter, or is it batter, cranberry mixture, batter then topping? I would love to try! Looks delicious!
-I’m a newbie on this site….tried this cake today, and baked it @ 350 degrees for 45 mins., let cool for 8 mins. The inverted onto plate, and it kind of fell apart where the cranberry filling was. The cake batter was runny in the middle of the bundt pan where the hole is… Don’t know what happened, my stove is fairly new gas stove. All around all of the cake edge was fully cooked.. ate that part of it, it was delish! I will try again and let you know ..Thanks

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