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Although I love coconut cream pie, I never order it in restaurants because of decades of being served gelatinous slop that bore little resemblance to the real thing. I have been making this pie since I was 12 years old and have yet to sample better; nor do I hope to.

This is quite an old fashioned recipe for this classic pie which is based upon a flour thickened, pudding-like custard pie filling. I despise versions of this recipe that are thickened with corn starch. The texture just isn’t right.

A proper coconut cream pie should be velvety and creamy, not jelly like at all. This recipe gets it right and the results are well worth the effort. This recipe is continuously in our TOP 10 ever published on Rock Recipes, even after 7 years and over 1300 recipes published. It gets many rave reviews and everyone who tries it loves it. This is the recipe you’ve been looking for.

2016 update: This recipe has never wavered in popularity in all the time it has been posted on this website. It gets continuous rave reviews and is still consistently in our top ten recipes, even after 9 years online.

There’s a very good reason why it’s so popular. You’ll thank yourself for discovering why.

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