Chicken Pineapple Kabobs

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  • I like to mix mine, but you could also do some just chicken and some just sausage to accommodate different tastes or skip the sausage altogether if you prefer. (While you’re at it, you could make some just veggie ones.)
  • I use a homemade teriyaki sauce, which is part of the recipe below, but you could also pick up a teriyaki marinade at the store if you prefer.
  • Make sure to save some of the sauce before you marinade the chicken to use for basting and/or dipping. No cross-contamination please!
  • If your teriyaki sauce gets too thick as it cooks or as it cools, add a splash or two of water and mix it through until it’s the right consistency.
  • No grill? No problem! You can make kabobs in the oven, too. Bake the kabobs in the middle rack of the oven at 450 degrees for 10-15 minutes, then turn each one over and continue baking for another 10 minutes, until done.


  • 3 Tbspsoy sauce
  • 3 Tbspbrown sugar
  • 1 Tbspsesame oil
  • 1/4 tspground ginger
  • 1 tspgarlic powder
  • 8boneless chicken breast, cut into 2″ pieces
  • 1 20 oz can(s)pineapple chunks, drained
  • 1/2 cyour favorite bbq sauce (I love Sunset Gourmet’s sweet & spicy brown sugar bourbon sauce)

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